Tips to Lose Weight

People nowadays are starting to become very health conscious. Some spend a lot of money just to lose weight and achieve the body that they’ve been dreaming of. But sometimes, no matter how you try, your current diet and weight loss regimen may just not be suitable for you. Below are some tips so you can lose weight effectively.

Interval Training and High Intensity Training

High Intensity and Interval Training (HIIT) is a solid way to burn fat faster and lose a lot of pounds in the process. It is also good for those aging as they can be able to maintain a strong body.

Kurt Hester, the National Director of Performance of TD1 said “High Intensity Interval Training is more time efficient in caloric expenditure than a traditional cardio workout. Not only will your body burn more calories during HIIT workouts but you will also continue to burn more calories and fat in the 24 hours after a HIIT workout”


A solid balance among cardio, diet, and weight training is needed for you to effectively lose weight. Under cardio is the usual running or sprinting. Mike Duffy, owner of said “The body will burn primarily carbohydrates during the first twenty minutes of cardiovascular exercise. Right about minute twenty, the body shifts over and starts to burn stored body fat as the primary source of energy. You need a combination of both weight training and cardio to get fat off your body. Cardio alone will only train one type of muscle fiber and you’ll only be building one part of your fat-burning furnace. I see many people doing tons of cardio every day and not lifting weights. They never change the way they look,”


Earlier, the importance of cardio was emphasized. But cardio alone is not enough. You also have to hit the weights. Even if you start small and work your way up to heavier weights, gaining muscle is going to be put you on the fast track to hitting that goal.

Hit the Weights!

Hit the Weights!

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Running: Equipment and After Effect

Asics is an excellent running shoes

Nowadays, people are starting to become more health conscious. This is very important as the number of death due to diseases is rapidly increasing as years pass by. But it is not safe to say that once you exercise, or in this case, run or jog constantly, then you are free of diseases already. In […]

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Running 101

Running is essential to fitness

Running is an important key when it comes to maintaining a fit body. Obviously, many know how to run. But when it comes to fitness, a good running plan is recommended in order to achieve a solid body. Common questions such as “how fast should I run?”, “what is the distance I should run?”, or […]

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Losing Weight and Getting in Shape

Sports is not only leisure, it is also an excellent way to burn excess fat

A healthy lifestyle is not enough for most. Of course, when you work hard and sacrifice a lot, you expect to gain from it; and you want others to see it as well. Eating less and working out will surely give you positives in terms of mental and physical health. It can make you stronger, […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Exercise: Introduction


Michael R. Bracko, the chairman of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Consumer Information Committee regards exercise as a “Magic Pill”. It is in fact a pill as it is proven to be able to cure diseases such as heart ailments, arthritis, or even cancer. Those looking to become slim or tone down also rely […]

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The Eight Week Training Program

Want to have a body like this? Try the eight week program

Famous athletes and body builders were not born with superhuman strength and 6 pack abs. As a matter of fact, they were once like you- a newbie who isn’t sure of what he or she really should do. Because of this, you will need a blue print to follow, allowing you to graduate from the […]

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Apple’s Health App

The Withings Pulse O2

Many have regarded the new Iphone 6 as the phone that bends. Some criticize it because of its “new” features, which were actually releases by android devices a couple of years ago. Nevertheless, the iphone 6 by apple is still one of the best smart phones in the market. The best thing about the Iphone […]

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A Healthy Guide to Breakfast

Whey Protein

Hearing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day can be a cliché for some. It may be tiring to hear, but it is really true. To set the record straight, it doesn’t malign lunch or dinner, it’s just that what you eat in the morning sets your energy levels for the entir`e […]

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Lose the weight naturally

  Some people go to the extremes in order to lose weight. People spend money for liposuction, slimming pills, diet food, etc. If people are just aware that they can lose weight the natural way, then a lot will be able to save so much money and lose weight without putting themselves in danger. Here […]

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Celebrity Weight Loss

A bit of weight gain can be hard specially for celebrities. They are the easy target on tabloids and talk shows when they turn “fat” This of course is the result of how the media portrays what a “beautiful” person should be. This year, there are some stars that have added some lbs which made […]

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