How To Build The Best Cardio Workout

Planing your cardio workout

Planing your cardio workout

We have to admit that going back to the gym after a long summer, vacation, holiday or break from the gym all-together can be a very daunting task. Even if you strived hard to be able to do so, you will only end up with sore joint, frustration, and an ongoing hate for anything related to cardio workouts.

The importance and benefits of doing cardio are clear and in our faces everyday, but unfortunately many people do now seem to know what constitutes as an effective cardio workout.

A successful cardio routine involves some key elements that are not in most programs that are being offered or taught in a regular gym. So you need to stick with some of these basics during your next cardio routine and bring your fitness workout to new heights.


Know exactly what you are doing ahead of time. Aim for 2-3 sessions per week and workouts that progressively get harder. Being able to handle more is your first basic indicator that you are progressing with your workout.


If you always end up skipping out on your cardio, then do it when you first get to the gym or do it on off days as well. It is not necessary when you do it, just do not skip it.


Doing a dynamic warm-up will increase mobility, decrease your chance of injury, and prepare your body’s systems for the task at hand. Warm-ups are commonly overlooked, skip them and for sure you are bound to get hurt.

Mix in exercises

Try mixing bodyweight exercises in-between your run. This will break up a boring session and add a strength-building component to your workout.

Cool down

Bring your heart rate back down. This will improve  your recovery process and progressively slow the body down after an intense session.

Keep track

Keep track of how far you went and the tempo sed to get there. Documenting your progress will keep you in tune with what works, and with what doesn’t.

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