What K-pop Artists Do to Stay in Shape

Korea is one of the rising countries in Asia. During the Second World War, South Korea was only known as one of the colonized countries of Japan, producing Korean Comfort Women for their colonizers. But things have definitely changed.

With the emergence of local Korean brands such as Samsung and Hyundai all over the world, their economy has definitely gone up in the past few years. Foreign exports really help their economy, but did you know that there is one more Korean phenomenon that their government should be thankful of and they are not raw materials? I am referring to the world wide craze of Korean Pop or K-pop.

K-pop artists, usually called idols, have gained popularity all over the world in a span of less than 10 years. Even Americans that produce a wide array of Western artists are interested with K-pop artists, more so those from other Asian countries such as Japan and the Philippines.

Yes, their music is great; they produce catchy and rhythmic music. But I am sure that many K-pop fans would not deny that they favor K-pop artists who they think are physically attractive. Male K-pop artists such as those from Super Junior and Dream High are in a good shape. Female K-pop artists such as the members of the Girl’s Generation, Apink, Sistar, or AOA are most probably fantasized by men because of their great bodies.

So how did they get in shape and how do they maintain it? The following are some things that they have done according to Asianfanfics.com.


Diet: Idols diet a lot. Even if they are already in shape, they continue their diet so as for them to maintain their body. But according to Super Junior’s Shindong, “If you don’t plan to stay on your diet then don’t do it”.

Three Meals a day: #1 Eat like a queen for breakfast, eat like a commoner for lunch, and eat like a beggar for dinner. Never Skip meals

Workout: The best workout for K-pop Artists is definitely dancing. They dance in practice, they dance in rehearsals, and they also dance in their performance. However, they also make it a point to go to the gym to workout.

Changing Daily Routine: Hyuna of 4minute is with no doubt one of the most appealing K-pop artists. When asked for her secret, she simply said that she opts for the stairs than the elevator when going up and down of whichever building she gets in. For her fans, she recommended to follow her and opt for the stairs, as well as to choose walking over riding vehicles especially if the destination is just near.

Hyuna of 4minute changed drastically physically speaking

Hyuna of 4minute changed drastically physically speaking

Motivation: Motivation is very important in everything we do, more so in getting in shape. There are a lot of K-pop artists who were fat and unappealing but were able to change their physical state in just a year. Everything is possible with proper motivation!

Big Bang’s TOP looked very different when he was younger

Big Bang’s TOP looked very different when he was younger

Image from Asian Fan Fics

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